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The highly anticipated iPhone SE 4 is set to make waves in the smartphone market. As Apple enthusiasts eagerly await its release, let’s delve into the details of this compact powerhouse.

Release Date and Expected Price:

The iPhone SE 4 is slated for launch in 2024 or 2025. While the exact date remains a mystery, industry insiders speculate that it will hit the shelves with a price tag of approximately Rs. 198,999 in Pakistan. This mid-range offering aims to strike a balance between performance and affordability.

Apple Iphone Se 4 Design - Maalgaari.shop
Apple Iphone Se 4 Design – MaalGaari.Shop

Design and Display:

Apple is known for its sleek designs, and the iPhone SE 4 won’t disappoint. The New Design is going to be a big change in the previous designs of SE models. From Renders, it is known the iPhone SE 4 has a display size similar to iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 which is 6.1 Inches Screen Size. It supports OLED technology just like the iPhone 14. However, becouse the iPhone SE 4 is a budget friendly device, it may not have the LTPO OLED Panel. Therefore, it will not be as smooth as the iPhone 14 or 15 has a buttury smooth technology.

Just like the past 6 iPhone series, the iPhone SE 4 will have a notch cutout the top of the display.


For the first time in iPhone SE series the Face ID is making an appearance. This is one the major changes in the SE series. Instead of the Touch ID, we will have to se the Face ID option in the Device.

Apple Iphone Se 4 Vs Old Se - Maalgaari.shop
Apple Iphone Se 4 Vs Old Se – MaalGaari.Shop

Specifications and Features:

  • Type C Port: The iPhone SE 4 will have a type C port at the botton just like the iPhone 15 which was a mojar update from Apple. So we will not see the lightning port anymore.
  • Action Button: The Action button was introduced with the iPhone 15 and from the renders, we have came to know the iPhone SE 4 will aslo have the Action Button instead of the Silent Switch.
  • Processor: The iPhone SE 4 is likely to feature Apple’s latest A-series chip, ensuring smooth performance across apps and tasks.
  • Camera: Anticipate a capable camera setup, although not as advanced as the flagship iPhones. Perfect for everyday photography and video recording.
  • Battery: While specifics remain undisclosed, Apple typically optimizes battery life for its SE lineup.
  • Connectivity: Expect 5G support, Wi-Fi 6, and other modern connectivity features.
  • Storage Options: Choices may include 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants.
Apple Iphone Se 4 - Maalgaari.shop
Apple Iphone Se 4 – MaalGaari.Shop

Leaks and Rumors:

Leaks suggest that the iPhone SE 4 will maintain the classic iPhone design, reminiscent of the beloved iPhone 5. However, take these rumors with a grain of salt until official announcements confirm the details.

Non-PTA Approval:

For Pakistani users, the iPhone SE 4 must be PTA-approved to function seamlessly on local networks. Keep an eye out for official certification to avoid any connectivity issues.

Apple Iphone Se 4 Notch - Maalgaari.shop
Apple Iphone Se 4 Notch – MaalGaari.Shop


The iPhone SE 4 promises a blend of nostalgia, performance, and affordability. Whether you’re upgrading from an older iPhone or seeking a reliable mid-range device, the SE 4 is worth considering. Stay tuned for more updates as the launch date approaches!


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