Internet Safety on Election Day: Government Ready to Hit Pause if Locals Ask

In an effort to ensure a secure Election Day, the government is prepared to temporarily suspend the internet if requested by local authorities. This proactive measure reflects the commitment to prioritize safety and address potential security concerns during the voting process.

Ensuring Safety on Election Day: Government Might Pause Internet if Locals Ask

In a recent announcement, the temporary Interior Minister, Dr. Gohar Ejaz, shared that the government is thinking about stopping the internet on February 8, Election Day. But there's a catch – they will only do it if a place asks for it due to safety worries.

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Some officials had different things to say about this, causing confusion. Minister Murtaza Solangi said that local leaders can decide on internet pauses based on the law and order situation, but right now, there's no clear need for it. Balochistan's temporary Information Minister talked about restricting the internet in certain voting spots. However, Dr. Ejaz made it clear that the government is committed to having a peaceful election without any harm. He mentioned there isn't any tension among candidates in Balochistan.

Understanding Election Scenarios: No Confirmed Internet Pause, Confirms PTA

In the middle of mixed messages about a possible internet pause on Election Day, the government is open to the idea but waiting for a formal request from a place worried about safety. Dr. Gohar Ejaz stated this, clarifying any confusion. Minister Murtaza Solangi added that, for now, there's no clear need for an internet pause.

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Despite plans in Balochistan, Dr. Ejaz assured the government's commitment to a safe election. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) confirmed that, as of now, there is no internet pause.


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