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iPhone 15 Skipping Two Key Display Features – What It Means

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Title: iPhone 15 Skipping Two Key Display Features – What It Means for You

Introduction: At MaalGaari.Shop, we've been closely following the latest news about Apple's upcoming iPhone 15, and it appears that this next-generation smartphone won't be featuring two significant display enhancements. Let's take a closer look at what this means for you as an iPhone enthusiast.

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The Missing Features: ProMotion and Always-On Display:

  • ProMotion Exclusive to Pro Models: ProMotion, known for its smooth 120Hz refresh rate, was previously exclusive to Apple's Pro models until the iPhone 14 Pro brought it to a wider audience.
  • Always-On Display Convenience: In addition to ProMotion, the Always-On display feature, introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro, will also be missing in the iPhone 15.
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Two Key Display –

A Growing Divide: Android vs. Apple:

  • Android Phones Setting the Standard: These features have been present in various high-end Android phones for some time, and they've even made their way to more affordable Android devices.
  • User Frustration: Some iPhone enthusiasts are left wondering why Apple is reserving these enhancements exclusively for its Pro models, which come at a premium price.
Pixel 8 Pro Vs Iphone 15 Pro Max Transformed -
Pixel 8 Pro Vs Iphone 15 Pro Max Transformed –

Apple's Stance on Exclusivity:

  • ProMotion and Always-On Reserved: While the decision might be frustrating to those hoping for these features on non-Pro iPhones, Apple appears determined to maintain this distinction.
  • The ProMotion Dilemma: Even though they might not seem “Pro” to everyone, the ProMotion and Always-On display features remain confined to the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Ultra.

The Supply Chain Factor:

  • Ross Young's Insights: This is not the first time we've heard about this development. In September, display analyst Ross Young pointed out that the iPhone 15 was unlikely to feature an LTPO display due to supply chain constraints.
Iphone 15 15Pro 01 Dnuk6Gb6 Transformed -
Iphone 15 15Pro 01 Dnuk6Gb6 Transformed –
  • Dynamic Island Feature: This decision comes even as the iPhone 15 adopts the Dynamic Island feature introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro.


Stay tuned with MaalGaari.Shop for more updates on the iPhone 15 and other tech trends!

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