MediaTek Dimensity 8300: Bringing Generative AI to Budget Phones

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MediaTek has expanded its lineup with the Dimensity 8300, bringing generative AI capabilities to more affordable smartphones following the launch of the flagship Dimensity 9300.

MediaTek's Dimensity 8300, built on a second-generation 4nm process, features a CPU configuration with a single Cortex-A715 core at 3.35GHz, three Cortex-A715 cores at 3GHz, and four Cortex-A510 cores at 2.2GHz. The company claims a 20% increase in CPU speed and a 30% improvement in battery efficiency compared to its predecessor.

Enhanced gaming performance is delivered by the Mali-615 MC6 GPU, offering a 60% boost in performance and a 55% efficiency increase. MediaTek's APU 780 AI chipset, supporting large language models with up to 10 billion parameters, brings generative AI capabilities to the chipset, though specific details haven't been disclosed.

Media Tek Dimensity 8300 All Features -
Media Tek Dimensity 8300 All Features –

Supporting LPDDR5X RAM with speeds up to 8,533 Mbps, the Dimensity 8300 is optimized for running large language models effectively. Additionally, it introduces 4K/60 FPS HDR video support and AI-powered camera features to enhance image quality.

Expected to debut by year-end, the Dimensity 8300 is speculated to feature in upcoming phones like the Redmi K70e, among others, bringing MediaTek's advanced technology to the market.


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